Dental Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge in London

Over the years, Dr. Dariush Hoshyar and Dr. Max  have earned a reputation as some of the best London dental implants providers. They recommend these teeth replacements for patients who have lost one or more teeth and desire to restore an attractive, healthy smile. Unlike many traditional teeth replacement techniques, dental implants do not contribute to bone loss, and placement of implants does not require drilling or aggressive filing of the adjacent teeth. Dental implants can also be used to support other dental structures, such as a fixed bridge. Read on to learn how an implant-supported dental bridge is created.

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Dental implant supported fixed bridge to replace several teeth

Replacing a single missing tooth with an implant has the advantage of removing the need to grind down adjacent teeth as you would to place a bridge. Occasionally, this grinding process can lead to the need for further treatment such as root canal therapy on these prepared teeth. Bridges that are not kept clean can result in decay under the bridge and result in further tooth loss. Remember, dental implants can’t get decay.


  • No grinding of adjacent teeth
  • No Need for root canals
  • Stimulates bone/gum tissue, thus preventing any bone defects
  • Look and feel like natural teeth